EVONIC Team was mentioned in the yearbook of Jornal Económico – Quem é Quem in TIC in Portugal 2018

You can find us on Page 21, 52 and on the back cover of the yearbook.

Quem é Quem in TIC in Portugal

There is no digital transformation without results for the business and without information technologies prepared for constant and immediate evolution and adaptation. Digital transformation is motivated by new business challenges: responding more agilely to the market, seeking competitive advantage by analyzing the immensity of data available to organizations, and expanding through new communication vectors and interaction with customers. The answer to these challenges can be the difference between taking advantage of an excellent growth opportunity, or losing competitiveness in a changing market. There is no digital transformation without process transformation, evolving into an active integration of information technologies with the business, developing an integrated global strategy. Thus, multidisciplinary teams are born that actively participate in the delivery of new solutions, in an ecosystem of daily evolution, promoting creativity, in which new generation solutions will always be the result of several technological components each moment, forming the ideal mechanism to serve the business.