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We started in 2017 to consolidate the innovation investment of the RIS 2048 Group, with a new team that gathers the market recognition for competence and is highly creative in solution design. We are dedicated to the development of solutions and consulting services oriented to the newest requirements of information technology.


We aim to enable information technology as the most powerful business tool for the agile businesses that lead the market. We understand the business of our customers and create the most effective solutions for the success of the organizations. Our success is the success of our customers.


Our mission is the delivery of innovative solutions and high quality services that enable information technology as a driver for the achievement of business goals.

The RIS 2048 Group

RIS 2048 was founded in the year 2000 to incorporate in a single structure the activity of multiple information technology companies that operated in the North of Portugal since the early 90's.

The need to form an organisation with a significant size to enable gathering highly qualified human resources was one of the main drivers for the creation of RIS 2048.

The structure of RIS 2048 was designed to answer the most demanding customers in integration of information technology, with a focus on creating business value.

With the evolution of information technologies, RIS 2048 formed a new group of companies that support different geographies and marker segments. In this context EVONIC is also incorporated, a company 100% dedicated to innovation.

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We design architectures for new solutions or optimization of existing platforms, always with a focus on the more efficient technologies and oriented to our customers business goals.


The experience of our consultants at the service of our customers challenges, providing agility to the organizations, and supporting specialized teams while accelerating business.


We implement the technologies that we recommend, reinforcing the customer capacities and accelerating the delivery time of the new models of information technologies.


We manage platforms in a service model, delivering the advantages of cloud and adding proximity and on-site presence, with the trust and accountability that organizations need.


We are there for our customers when they need us the most, with a service integrated with the OEMs, the agility that comes with the knowledge of the customer environment and on-site presence in the most critical moments.

Project Management

We manage our projects and services in a collaborative model oriented to the specific needs of the new information technology environments. This added value is also available for our customers own projects.

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