Interview with EVONIC for BTV

How was EVONIC’s 2020? What are the trends for 2021? Patricia David, Sales & Marketing Manager at EVONIC, spoke about these topics in the first part of the interview for BTV in January: the challenges and goals achieved by EVONIC in 2020 and the technological objectives and trends for 2021.

The second part of the interview focuses on EVONIC’s history, vision, mission and values, our technological competences and also the services and solutions we offer. “Our mission is to deliver innovative solutions and high-quality services that enable information technology to be a driver for the achievement of business goals.” stresses Patricia David, Sales & Marketing Manager, while also highlighting the importance of EVONIC’s values:
🧩 Creativity
🧩 Innovation
🧩 Quality
🧩 Agility

We would like to thank Carlos Dias da Silva and Benfica Corporate Club for the partnership and for another opportunity to share our work.

Check out the interview!